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Blank Ukulele Tab

Here you can download, save and print our blank 4 string ukulele tab in PDF Format. To download our free blank 4 string ukulele tablature template, simply right-click on the link below, and select “Download Linked File”. Then you should be able to access the blank ukulele tab on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Click here to download 4 String Blank Ukulele Tab

How To Use Our Blank 4 String Ukulele Tab

In tablature there are two basic rules you need know. Lines equal strings, and numbers equal frets. Let’s start with the first rule. Since we are using blank 4 string ukulele tab, the bottom line is the 4th string, also known A, if you are in standard ukulele tuning (ACEG). The 4th string is the highest string positionally when the ukulele is held properly. The line at the top of the blank ukulele tab is the 1st string, which should be the thinnest, or smallest string on your ukulele.

Next, you can write numbers directly on the lines of the 4 string blank ukulele tab. The numbers represent what frets you are to place your fingers in. Numbers that are stacked on top of each other mean all of the notes are played at once, such as in a chord. Essentially, tablature is a form of the Cartesian coordinate system for string instruments. So whenever you get stuck with reading ukulele tablature, you can ask your self these two questions:

  1. What string am I supposed to be on?
  2. What fret am I supposed to be in?

If you can answer those two questions correctly, then you will always be able to play play the correct notes. Lastly, there are many symbols for tablature, more than can be explained here. You will want to start learning basic ukulele tab symbology to help you understand the basics.