Blank 8 String Guitar Chord Sheet

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8 string blank guitar chord sheetHere you can download, save and print our blank 8 string guitar chord sheet in PDF format. You can use our blank guitar chord sheet to jot down new guitar chords that you learn, or even guitar chords that you create. To download our free blank 8 string guitar chord sheet template, simply right-click on the link below, and select “Download Linked File”. You will then be able to save the chord sheet to your computer.

Why Blank Chord Sheets for 8 String Guitar Are Important

8 string guitar is a completely different animal from standard 6 string guitar. Anyone who has played an 8 string guitar knows that there a many different chords that are unique and are just not the same on a 6 string guitar.

One of the best reasons to use blank chord sheets for 8 string guitar is to write down chords that you create. Since these chords are different from standard 6 string guitar chords, some guitarists may have trouble naming them, finding them in a chord dictionary, or finding alternative shapes for them. By using our blank chord sheet for 8 string guitar, you can write down the guitar chord, figure out the notes that are inside the chord, and then easily find alternative shapes for the new 8 string guitar chord you created.

Another reason to download and use our free blank 8 string guitar chord sheet is to begin experimenting with 11th and 13th degree jazz chords. Since those chords in their unedited state contain as many as 7-8 different notes, it’s helpful to map out the notes on our free blank guitar chord sheet for 8 string guitar to get a feel for the chord in general.