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resources for musiciansHere you can find plenty of free music resources. Our free resources are made specifically for guitar, bass and ukulele players. Once you start learning music, you’ll find that it’s very helpful to have resources such as guitar tabs and bass tabs, blank tablature, chord diagrams, as well as instrument neck diagrams to help you further your progress. You can use our free resources to learn new songs, chords or scales, or to even get creative and write your own songs.

Why Free Music Resources Are Important

For all of us who play an instrument, we understand the need to stay on top of our game. We understand how important it is to continually push ourselves to become better at our craft. By constantly pushing our abilities we improve not only our musicianship, but our love for music, our communication with other musicians, and our understanding of music and music theory as a whole. Free music resources are a very large part of that.


Free Resources Will Help You Improve Faster

Just like anything else in this world, when you have the right tools, you are capable of so much more. Having the right tools in music means having access to music resources that will propel your abilities to new heights. When you spend time analyzing chord structures, writing songs, learning arpeggios, and learning new techniques, you are investing time into yourself. This is time well-spent that will pay itself off when you see how fast you have improved.

Free music resources such as blank tab, chord sheets, neck diagrams, guitar tab and bass tab allow you the freedom to pursue excellence in whatever field you desire. Maybe you want to learn how to play cover songs perfectly. Maybe you want to write your own songs, your own chords, or simply just get a better understanding of the notes on a stringed instrument. Whatever your goals are, we have the free music resources to help you get there.