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resources for musiciansHere you can find plenty of free music resources. Many of our blank documents come in PDF format to make it easy for you to save, print, and share. You will find free blank guitar tab, guitar chord diagrams, guitar neck diagrams, guitar and lyrics to rock and blues songs, worship songs, free guitar tab to hundreds of songs, a free guitar tuner, free online metronome, and much more.

Download blank guitar tab, blank bass tab, blank ukulele tab, guitar chord diagrams, fretboard diagrams, and much more. You can print and share as many copies as you like, all for free! Blank tab and chord diagrams can be used for writing down song ideas, riffs for soling and music exercises. Since you never know when a great idea will hit, it’s always a good idea to keep a few pages of blank tab around.

Free Guitar Tabs in PDF

We offer a broad variety of guitar tabs in PDF format, including rock, pop, metal and blues guitar tabs from your favorite artists. All of our files are converted directly from PowerTab.

Free Bass Tabs in PDF

View, download and print and share our free bass tabs in PDF format. Our growing collection includes rock bass tabs, and blues bass tabs that were directly converted from PowerTab.

Free Guitar Chords and Lyrics

These are lead sheets (cheat sheets) that you can use to learn how to play a song from start to finish. They don’t include every single detail, but they do have the correct guitar chords and lyrics, as well as the order of the song, some of the main riffs, and a few other vital details. Between our free guitar tabs, and free guitar chord sheets, and free guitar lesson videos, you should do just fine in figuring out how to play a song from start to finish.

Free Music Tools

Make the most with our free tools for musicians. We’ve got a free metronome, free guitar tuner, free guitar chord finder, and a fun Musical Notes piano game that improves your sight reading by helping you how to learn how to read piano notes faster.

5 Benefits of Music Lessons

Download your free copy today of the 5 Benefits of Music, and discover how music can increase your test scores, confidence, self esteem and more. Music and music lessons are by far on of the one most important things in our culture today. Music enhances our lives in so many ways, it’s hard to list all the positive benefits of music lessons. Schools today are cutting their music programs out to save money, and employers increasingly want to see degree holders with diversity and an arts background.

Download your free e-book, The 5 Benefits of Music Lessons and discover how music lessons can improve test scores, increase attention spans, and help improve your cognitive functions for the better.

PowerTab Songs

Download nearly 2,000 pop, rock and blues songs for PowerTab. PowerTab is a guitar based music editor that works with 32 bit and 64 bit PC systems. The PowerTab songs are packed in a zip file, and organized by artist. Make sure to download and install the PowerTab Editor first. Click on the link above.