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music lessonsWe offer private, in-home, in-studio and online music lessons near Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos, Los Alamitos, Cypress, Signal Hill, Norwalk, Downey, and surrounding cities. No matter what instrument you play, our goal is to help you learn how to play your favorite songs from start to finish, how to play with other musicians, developing a catalog of songs you can play, and learning to perform in front of others, all while enjoying the many benefits of taking music lessons. Why wait? Call us today to see how music lessons can help you find new joy in life! We offer:


Private Music Lessons for Kids, Teens and Adults

Our experienced music instructors work with students of all ages: teaching music lessons for kids, music lessons for teenagers, and music lessons for adults. We feel that there is never a bad time to take music lessons and so we work with musicians as young as five years old all the way up to senior citizens (yes we’ve had many beginning students at that age!) We work patiently with student to make sure they understand the material before moving on to new topics and techniques. Lessons That Rock aims to enrich and culture the lives of of our musicians by providing inspiring, educational and fun music lessons.

Private, In-Home Music Lessons

We understand your busy life, which is why we’re proud to offer in-home music lessons. We can drive to you and provide you with in-home music lessons in Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos, Cypress, Norwalk, Downey, Signal Hill, Los Alamitos, and surrounding cities. Our in-home music lessons are provided weekly or every other week in 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute sessions. You never sign a contract, and can change frequency or lesson length whenever you want. We want to make taking music lessons a fun and enjoyable part of your life, so we can be very flexible with scheduling as well. Contact us today for rates and availability. With Lessons That Rock, you’ll become an expert on your instrument. Each lesson is pre-planned and custom made just for you, so you’ll accomplish your goals in no time. From rock and blues guitar, to modern pop piano, we’ve got you covered.

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Music Lessons

Beginning music lessons

Focus on how to play basic 3 chord songs, how to read tablature or music notation (depending on what instrument you’re learning), knowing and understanding your instrument, positioning and proper form, as well as getting a feel for basic timing, scales, rudiments, or exercises. We’ll also learn to play fun songs and develop a small catalog of songs that other people can easily recognize. Our beginning music lessons is where you will develop a strong foundation for playing your instrument. We will take things slow, and step by step to ensure you understand everything correctly.

Intermediate music lessons

Work more with intermediate techniques, barre chords, some basic music theory, intermediate level sight reading, syncopation, coordination, how to play with other musicians, performing small concerts and shows, as well as developing personality, and timing, dynamics (volume), and structure. Intermediate music lessons will work towards you performing a small set of 3-6 songs in front of an audience, as well as playing with students your age at group lessons, and for live performances.

Advanced music lessons

Focus on things such as music theory, songwriting, odd time signatures, syncopations, advanced level sight reading, learning to play with dynamics (volume), following and leading other musicians, singing and playing at the same time, playing with other musicians, performing concerts and shows, as well as advanced techniques, and speed development. When you take your first music lessons with Lessons That Rock, we will assess your level and guide you towards becoming a better musician. Letting a professional who has “been there and done that”, can really make the difference in your playing. You’ll spend less time looking for answers, and more time figuring out the solutions to questions like “how do they get that sound?” “how do I construct scales”, or “how do switch chords quickly”, and so on.

Group Music Lessons

If you’re interested in music lessons on a budget, or want to take music lessons with friends, family or neighbors, then our group music lessons may be right for you. Lessons That Rock offers group guitar lessons, group piano lessons, group bass guitar lessons, group ukulele lessons, and mixed group music lessons where each student has a different instrument. With group lessons the pace is taken at the average of the class, meaning that some students might excel quite fast, and others who miss a class or two, might have to do a little catch up work. However, the upside of group music lessons is having a team of other students who you can count on to help answer some questions, and who you can rely on to play songs with. Group music lessons are an inexpensive and fun way to get started with music lesson.

Online Music Lessons

Interested in taking lessons but don’t live in Los Angeles or Orange County? Lessons That Rock offers online music lessons available across the world via Skype. We offer online guitar lessons, online piano lessons, online bass lessons, and online ukulele lessons. With our online music lessons you get the same great service from LessonsThatRock, and all your homework and music resources are emailed to you after each lesson. We have had clients in North Dakota, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and more. If you live in a part of the country where music lessons are not offered, or are hard to access, you should consider online music lessons. In fact, I’m so sure that you’ll enjoy your online music lessons, that if you are unsatisfied with the service, then  your first music lesson is free!

Benefits of Music Lessons

The benefits of music lessons are too many to list. Studies show music lessons improve test scores, cognitive abilities, reasoning and coordination to name a few. Music lessons also increase self esteem, and help kids get over stage fright. Taking music lessons as an adult is great if you want to bond with your children, or have a productive hobby that stimulates your mind and fingers. No matter what age you are, you can benefit from taking music lessons today. Improving the condition of arthritic hands, keeping the mind sharp, finding a productive hobby, or chasing the dream that you’ve always wanted – to play an instrument are all good, productive and healthy reasons to take music lessons.

Instrument Rental

Don’t have an instrument to start with? Not a problem! Rent an instrument today and save. If you’re taking lessons in Long Beach, Lakewood, Los Alamitos, Cerritos, Norwalk, Downey or surrounding cities, Lessons That Rock can provide you with a low price instrument rental. There’s no minimum rental period,  and we offer free delivery to select locations. We offer electric and acoustic guitar rentals, music keyboard rentals, bass guitar rentals, ukulele rentals, and drum set rentals.