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Here is our extensive library of guitar chord photos. In general, open chords are commonly used by guitarists of all levels, barre chords and slash chords (chord inversions) are used by intermediate guitarists, and moveable shapes are used extensively by more advanced guitarists. Moveable shapes are not necessarily more difficult to play, however they do require an extensive working knowledge of music theory and fretboard memorization to be able to fully understand.

In general, a beginning guitar student will know approximately 10-20 guitar chords, an intermediate student might know approximately 100 chords or more, and advanced guitarists could know 500-1,000 chords or more. Some of those numbers seem pretty astonishing, but again, if you understand the multiplicity of barre chords and moveable shapes, you’ll soon realize that it is indeed possible to memorize hundreds of chords with minimal effort.

We hope this free resource helps you learn more songs and helps you become a better guitarist.

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Why Guitar Chords Are Important

Guitar chords allow you to play music with friend and family members. Guitar chords make learning songs easy, and makes it very simple to play songs from start to finish. Essentially, guitar chords will let you simplify a song so that the song sounds correct, but is missing the finer points. It’s those fine, detailed parts of a song that usually can take weeks or even months to master. For example, it may take a matter of minutes to learn the guitar chords to an entire 5 minute song, but it may take weeks, or even months to master a 30-second guitar solo.