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LessonsThatRock Music Lessons aims to be a quality music educator. We understand that music lessons can be expensive and difficult to access for some communities, especially those living rural areas, or those who may not have the finances. That’s why we are proud to offer free video music lessons, and free resources to help you along the way.



Micah J. Mata, founder, has over fifteen-thousand hours of experience teaching music to kids, teenagers, and adults. He draws upon experience performing live shows in front of thousands, coaching young bands and musicians, and countless hours spent behind an instrument. Whether you’re looking for beginner music lessons, intermediate music lessons, or advanced music lessons, we promise you’ll have fun and learn something new.

We Believe…

Everyone should be afforded the same opportunities in life. We recognize that many people are blocked from accessing opportunities due to financial circumstances. That’s why we’re offering our video music lessons free of charge. That, in combination with our resources page should help you along your way plenty.

 Learning music makes you smarter. Learning how to read music is very mathematical in nature. There is a logical flow to it. You have analyze all sorts of data within mere split seconds and make decisions about it. Learning music is training for analytical thinking types such as engineers, and doctors.

Everyone has the ability to learn. No matter what your goal, everyone can learn, grow and be smarter. Music is a big part of that. Students of music learn how to think, how to be dedicated, how to have patience, and most of all, how to believe in themselves. For example, everyone knows that performing music live improves your self-confidence. As a music teacher, I have seen the amazing transformations in lives as kids who are shy and meek, become rockstars on stage!