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free blank tab

Download our free blank tab. We offer free blank guitar tab, blank bass tab, and blank ukulele tab, all in PDF format. To download our free blank tab, right click on the tab you are interested in, then choose “Save As” from the menu. From there, you can find the downloaded blank tab on your computer.

Why Free Blank Tab is Important

Blank tablature is important to musicians for several reasons. First, all musicians need to write down their song ideas from time to time. Writing down your song ideas on blank tab gives you an easy way to recall the notes and chords in any song that you may write.

Secondly, blank tab is extremely helpful when trying to analyze chords and arpeggios. Writing down a chord or arpeggio can help you understand the nomenclature (naming) structure of the chord. It can also help you to find different voicings for a particular chord. Sure, you could use a chord dictionary for this task, but working out the music math for yourself is so much better for your musical journey, and makes you a better musician in the end.

Finally, writing music down on blank tab will help you become better at the language of music. You’ll become more efficient at writing and interpreting music. You will also become more familiar with the symbols of tab such as bends, harmonics, hammer-ons, pull-offs and many more. Thus, your communication with other musicians will vastly improve just because you consistently wrote your ideas down on blank tab.