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Here you can find chord photos of guitar chords, ukulele chords or piano chords. Our guitar chord photos cover beginning guitar chords, open chords, barre chords, power chords, slash chords, and more advanced moveable shapes. Piano chords will cover beginning piano chords, inversions, extended chords, and slash chords.

Learning how to play chords is one of the most important things any serious musician can learn how to do. Chords allow you the freedom to play music in groups, and to play songs from start to finish. We hope you enjoy this free ukulele and guitar chord library.

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Why Chord Photos Are Important

Chord Photos Will Help You Learn New Songs

Chord photos allow you to learn new chord quickly and easily. It can be difficult to memorize even 20 basic chords. Having a reference such as our chord photo library is an invaluable resource you helping you improve at guitar, piano or ukulele.

As a rule of thumb, the more chords you know, the more songs you can play. As a result, you will be able to participate more in jam sessions with other people. When you are able to jam with other musicians, you will grow musically at a much faster rate, overcome your fear of performing live, and will gain the respect of fellow musicians.

Chord Photos Help You Become More Creative

Knowing more chords is great for overcoming creativity walls. Every musician at some point gets bored or tired of using the same 20 to 30 chords that they always use. Using our chord photo library will help you discover more unique chords, as well as understand the naming system of chords. Knowing new chords will help you write new songs, and be a more creative musician. Who knows, your next best song may only be one chord away!

Chord Photos Will Show You Voicings and Options

Who doesn’t like options? Chord photos will help you see various options for playing a specific chord. These options, in the music world are known as voicings. Voicings are extremely important to musicians because it gives you choices on what chord to play. For example, let’s say you are performing guitar with 2 other guitarists. Should all 3 guitarists play exactly the same chord? It would be better if all 3 guitarists played different voicings of the same chord to better fill out the tonal space.