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Welcome to our free audio page. Here you can access audio files that will help you on your musical journey. Have you ever wondered what a fully diminished scale sounds like? We’ve got that. How about a m7b5 chord? Yeah, we’ve got that too. However, we are always looking for new ideas, so if you there is something you would like to see posted here, just let us know!

Choose a category below to find the corresponding audio. For example, if you want to hear audio examples of major and minor scales, click on “Scales”, and locate the examples from that page.

Many of our audio files accompany our video lessons to help you understand music theory on a deeper level.


Listen to various scales.


Listen to and understand intervals.

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Listen to common chords.

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Other Audio

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Ear Training

Can you figure out what is being played?

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Why Audio Lessons Are Important

Can you imagine trying to learn what the color blue is without ever having seen blue? Or trying to understand the smell of Night Blooming Jasmine without ever having smelled it? Neither can we. So why should we try to understand music from only reading articles, and watching videos. At some point you might want to hear what’s really going on.

Our goal is to enrich your musical journey through articles, photos, videos, and audio. Videos are great and all, but your learning shouldn’t be so one-dimensional. Audio lessons are just a small part of what makes you great.